Dove of Peace

Beginner's Guide to Peace - An Unfinished Journey

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

Into the Unknown

Into the Jungle

As described in the introduction, the Non-Aggression Principle is a moral compass to guide us in living a free and peaceful life, not a detailed map for each individual. A compass can help us hold a steady course or find our way back when lost. It cannot, however, tell us what we will find when we enter uncharted territory.

Beginning with the concept of self-ownership, we have demonstrated the value and beauty of freedom, peace and respect for property, ideas encapsulated in the NAP. Guided by this principle, we have noted that governments the world over are unapologetic violators of these fundamental rights. Many people, however, are still under the spell that, regardless of its transgressions, government is still needed to provide certain goods and services. This parallels a misguided belief in earlier times that slavery was an indispensable element of the economy.

For many of us, part of our life journey will be to reach out and share the logic of the NAP with others. In doing so, however, we must be mindful that there are limits to pure reason. For many people the beauty of the NAP will be best understood and experienced through the arts, music, cinema and literature. Ultimately we need to move beyond what can be learned and expressed from logic alone. We need to experiment and to reach out into the unknown. We need to grow as a people embracing peace and freedom joyfully expressed through creative artistry, playful poetry and harmonious music.

Every individual has their own journey to travel and there are many roads available. In reaching out and moving beyond the familiar, the important thing is that we hold tight to our moral compass and do not lose our humanity. We must remember that it is in our peaceful cooperation and trade with others that we will produce the freest and most prosperous society possible.

May the Non-Aggression Principle serve you well on your personal path of peace, liberty and prosperity.

Which Way? Which Way?