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Beginners Guide to Peace - A New Direction

"We're on the road to nowhere.." - The Talking Heads
"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." - Lao Tzu

Lost and Found

Compass Rose

Life is a journey. At times it can be smooth and easy. At other times it is rough and difficult. Sometimes the travel is both thrilling and demanding, driven forward by the hope of new discoveries. Other times we meet obstacles that force us to change course or abandon a familiar road. Inevitably we all experience at least one dead end.

Occasionally we find ourselves utterly lost. For those times it makes sense to halt the onward push, to pause and get our bearings. Otherwise, we risk finding ourselves even further from our desired destination.

The purpose of this site is to provide direction and guidance for those who are weary from their current travels, confused by the noise, tired of being misguided and misinformed. It is for those who seek to live free and peaceful lives but have been led astray, told that the path to prosperity is one driven by envy or fear on a road paved with violence and bloodshed.

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This site is about a simple, beautiful idea called the Non-Aggression Principle, or NAP. It embraces the concept of individual freedom tempered with personal responsibility. It is a gentle yet steady guide that can aid and comfort you on your personal voyage.

Your life journey is unique to you. Although you may, and hopefully will, share your journey with many loving and interesting companions, your lifetime voyage is distinctly yours.



- If you are lost, it is better to pause and determine the correct direction.

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^ Compass: Artwork by Andrew Lesko.

^ A beautiful idea: Photo of statue in the Garden of Versailles and artwork by Andrew Lesko.

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